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NVIDIA Jetson TX1 1 teraflop of performance; Microsoft cancer moonshot; AI to detect ransomware; Tim Horton’s AR

NVIDIA’s credit-card sized Supercomputer Jetson TX1, (CIOL)

Jetson TX1 is the first embedded computer designed to process deep neural networks.

With 1 teraflops of performance, the Jetson TX1 delivers exceptional performance for machine learning, computer vision, GPU computing and graphics, while drawing very little power. Its other key features include,

  • Size: 50mm x 87mm, slightly smaller than a credit card
  • CPU: 64-bit ARM A57 CPUs
  • Video: 4K video encodes and decode
  • Camera: Support for 1400 megapixels/second
  • Memory: 4GB LPDDR4; 25.6 gigabytes/second
  • Storage: 16GB eMMC

Microsoft’s cancer moonshot: Debug the disease as if it’s a computer glitch, ( GeekWire)

At Microsoft Research’s lab in Redmond, Wash., Project Hanover takes advantage of machine learning and Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform to connect clinical cases with cancer research.

Yet another project pairs machine learning with computer vision to analyze thousands of images from a CT scan and tell radiologists exactly how much a tumor has changed since the last scan.

Artificial intelligence: Leveraging machines to dissect ransomware DNA, (IT Brief)

In the United States, victims of ransomware attacks paid out more than $24 million dollars in ransom in 2015, according to the FBI. And that’s only the American payouts that the FBI knows about.

Cylance makes software that predicts, then blocks, cyberattacks on the endpoint in real time using pre-execution artificial intelligence algorithms.

Here’s what Tim Hortons new augmented reality iOS and Android app experience is like, (MobileSyrip)

tim-hortons-ar-app2 tim-hortons-ar-app

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